Meet Our Recruiters

North Kansas City Hospital's recruiters play a vital role in finding and hiring the compassionate and talented people who help make our hospital one of the best hospitals in Kansas City.

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Jill Crutchfield, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, RACR | Senior Director

"North Kansas City Hospital is like a big, fun, friendly family! I love that even though we've grown into a large acute care facility, we haven't lost our small community feel."

  • Best phone interview advice: Sound excited when you talk with me! I want to picture you smiling!
  • Favorite sports team(s): Kansas State Wildcats and KU Jayhawks. I graduated from K-State, and I was raised by two Jayhawks. I love KU basketball and got to pay tuition there for one of my kids.
  • Favorite food: My friends and family would say salmon salad because that's what I order almost every time we go out to dinner. What I'd really like to eat are hordes of snacks all day long, but I try to restrain myself.
Years at NKCH: 30; areas of expertise: Director level and above
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Carrie Suess, SHRM-CP, RACR | Senior Recruiter

"My interview advice is simple. Be on time, dress professionally, research the hospital beforehand, know why you want to work here and ask a lot of questions."

  • Top reason(s) you like NKCH: I get this question a lot. NKCH has a great reputation, and I'm proud to work here. Honestly, I like the people. I feel good knowing my coworkers are caring for my family members when they are patients here. I love my team, too. We genuinely like each other. I also love my short commute, the free covered parking, the Starbucks coffee that keeps me caffeinated all day, and the awesome on-site fitness center. We have great perks!
  • Favorite entertainment: My son has always been active in sports, and his favorite is soccer. Going to all his games keeps me busy, and I love it. I also love being outdoors when it's warm, or even hot. I'm not a fan of cold weather.
  • Favorite TV show: Friends. Every episode makes me laugh, and I've seen them all. It reminds me of how my friends are like my second family.
Years at NKCH: 16; areas of expertise: Medical/Surgical, Orthopedic, Float Pool, Acute Assessment Unit, Renal/Telemetry, Rehabilitation, Oncology, PRN Pool, Cardiac Care Decision Unit, Inpatient Wound Care, Wound Clinic, GI Lab, Children's Learning Center, Nursing Professional Development, Nursing Administration, Palliative Care, Heart Failure Clinic
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Lauren Viestenz, SHRM-CP, RACR | Recruiter

"I enjoy working and interacting with people. Talent acquisition lets me learn a candidate's story and connect them with possible career opportunities. I get to make a difference in so many lives!"

  • Best resume advice: The three most important things are: 1) Make sure your contact information is correct and that you can access the methods you list; 2) List your most recent employers first to give us a better understanding of your work history in chronological order; and 3) Edit and proofread your resume before submitting it.
  • Favorite entertainment: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends (human and furry), attending workout classes, fishing and working in the garden.
  • Favorite saying: "You can't make everyone happy, you're not an avocado!" I get to deliver a lot of positive news; however, sometimes the news isn't positive and can leave people feeling upset. I hope candidates remember things always work out how they're supposed to and to never give up hope! I also have a serious obsession with avocados!
Years at NKCH: 3; areas of expertise: Business Intelligence, Central Services, Environmental Services, Finance, Food Services, Health Information Management, Nursing Unit Secretaries, Patient Accounts, Patient Registrar, Patient Scheduling and Radiology
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Lisa Thorson, SHRM-CP, RACR | Senior Recruiter

"I love it when a candidate researches the hospital beforehand, engages in the interview and asks questions."

  • Best follow-up advice: Ask for the contact information of everyone you interviewed with and send a thank you email. Send a follow up email to the recruiter, too. If you receive another offer, but are still interested in our position, let me know. I may be preparing an offer, too. If not, that frees you up to accept the other offer.
  • Favorite entertainment: I'm a loyal Royals fan and love going to games. Movies also make me happy, so I joined AMC's A List and see at least one movie a week. I also like gardening and creating meals from my bounty. My dog likes to eat the cherry tomatoes off the vine. She has her own plant.
  • Favorite travel spot: I love the ocean! Maui is my favorite destination. I've been there during humpback whale season, and the whales are super cool. You can relax by the ocean or go do touristy things. There's something for everyone.
Years at NKCH: 12; areas of expertise: Allied Health, Information Technology, Marketing, Occupational Health & Wellness, Risk Management, Home Health, Case Management and Plant Operations
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Michelle Shortle, MA, PHR, SHRM-CP, RACR | Senior Recruiter

"I love talking with people and learning about their background and experiences. I feel like I help make an impact on patient care and a positive difference in others' lives."

  • Interview tips: Know who you're interviewing with and a bit about the organization like its history, the type of care it provides, and its demographics and status in the community. Be sure to dress professionally; make good eye contact; be engaged with the interviewer; and be prepared with relevant questions.
  • Favorite entertainment: Spending time with family and my fur baby!
  • Favorite phone app: I love my Fitbit app! Seeing my improvements motivates me. I compete with myself to do better than the day before. I'm on the road to a healthier lifestyle for better living.
Years at NKCH: 17; areas of expertise: Nursing: Critical Care, Progressive Care, Maternal/Child, Emergency, Surgical Services; Security and Chaplains
Connect with Joselynn

Joselynn Yates | Nurse Recruiter Sourcing Specialist

"Focus your job search on something you are passionate about so you stand out."

  • Fun fact: I played Division 1 softball.
  • Favorite movie: "Remember the Titans." It correlates to life so well. We all go through life instances, but that doesn't mean we can't stand together for a purpose.
  • Favorite quote: "Do what you can with all you have, wherever you are." When things are going wrong, you can ask, "Why me?" but that won't fix anything. The solution to overcoming difficult things is to gain control of them and let yourself be in charge.
Years at NKCH: I’m new to the team, less than a year; areas of expertise: sourcing candidates for hard to fill positions.